Why use metall-free redox-flow-batteries?

JenaBatteries offers to our clients a metal-free, non-flammable and scalable redox flow battery. The use of a new raw material base ensures minimized price volatility and enables reliable cost planning for the serial realization of modern energy infrastructure projects. Hence, our products allow for innovative business models to increase the security of electricity supply in the face of the energy transition. In addition, they simplify project financing and support insurability. Thanks to the metal-free active materials, maintenance is easy and the battery can be operated reliably. Metal-free redox flow batteries are ideally suited for system sizes starting from 100 kW. They are not competing with applications in other markets, e. g., electric cars or smartphones. Thus, you will always have access to the matching battery for your business model.

Safe & Easy
• Free and independent scalability of power and capacity
• Non-flammable and non-explosive
• Turnkey energy storage system

Clean Energy
• No heavy metals or aggressive acids
• Resource-efficient
• Near-neutral pH

• Inexpensive and readily available raw materials
• Easy to maintain & long service life > 10,000 cycles
• Flexible and sustainable investment that adapts to future markets

• Power: 100 kW to >2 MW
• Capacity: 400 kWh to >10 MWh